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Pave the way for a successful digital transformation journey

Digital transformation of businesses involves organizations’ products, Data Integration Services, engagement with employees, and customers, partner, new business models, managing and even the purpose and methods of business itself!

Data is the new catalyst for that change; driving new business models, novel ways of working and a new world of communication and collaboration using advanced analytics and data integration services.

Therefore, it’s only a matter of time till businesses sticking to legacy structures—if still existent— are totally outperformed by enterprises embracing data-driven digital transformation.

The key to staying relevant, up and running in this age of digital transformation is by investing in secure managed IT solutions and proactively seeking data integration and technology consulting services.

We are here to help.

Digital Business

“By 2020, the accumulated volume of big data will increase from 4.4 zettabytes to roughly 44 zettabytes.” IDC
From infrastructure to applications, to processes & workplace technologies, BBI puts the pieces together to facilitate a smooth transition into the digital enterprise; taking your customer experience to the next level, optimizing your existing business performance, while always innovating and identifying new opportunities.

Enterprise Application Services

Believing business applications are at the heart of successful digital transformations, BBI provides complete end-to-end Enterprise Application Deployment for platforms covering all core business functions from market-leading vendors

Talent Outsourcing

Businesses today are facing many challenges like unpredictable change, relentless competition, and shifts in workforce demographics; With striving to handle such challenges and minimize operating overheads, specially payroll, talent outsourcing is, in many cases, among the most utilized strategies.

From technology consultants and business strategists to data scientists and analytics experts to solution architects and software
developers, BBI enables our clients to achieve their strategic goals for talent management in an efficient way.

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