Machine Learning

Auto ML-The Prominent Use Cases

We hope that the first two articles of our AutoML series would have given you a good idea about AutoML, its workflow, pros and cons and the way it add value to a business’s deployment of AI technology and business model. This article will take you through the same in terms of practical use cases …

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Democratizing AI with Auto ML

In the first article of our series dedicated to AutoML, we explored what AutoML is all about and how it works; however, the way AutoML lets businesses upscale the AI is another important aspect to discover for AutoML learners, deployers, experts and professionals. In this article, we will highlight what is meant by democratizing AI …

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All About AutoML

According to Forrester’s recent research, 61 percent of data and analytics business decision makers who deployed AI, stated that they had either implemented or are in process of implementing AutoML software. This is because AutoML has the potential to up-scale the AI at any business.  When machine learning algorithms are automated, the results are more …

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ACES Egypt Machine Learning Algorithms

ACES Egypt EXPO Program: Latest Machine Learning Algorithms

BBI is participating with ACES Egypt for the 2nd year in EXPO Machine Learning Algorithms Program recruitment event taking place at Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University as we cultivate a work environment that attracts, trains and retains the most skilled talents in today’s workplace. In EXPO, We are offering powerful models and algorithms utilizing …

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The outcomes of Digital Transformation

The outcome of Digital transformation The effectiveness of Digital Transformation is expected good. But had anyone expected this to happen within years of adopting a disruptive technology? Here’s what BBVA’s CFO announced in the 8th Financial Encounter, which was organized by Expansion and KPMG. As he says – “The bank has made substantial progress in …

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Why do you need a Digital  Transformation?

Why do you need a Digital Transformation? Digitization has taken all businesses by storm. While the internet has taken the businesses globally, survival becomes even more difficult, unless you are sharp and act quick. Acting upon mere assumptions and past data calls for a major risk which companies do not want to take anymore. Businesses …

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