Democratizing AI with Auto ML

In the first article of our series dedicated to AutoML, we explored what AutoML is all about and how it works; however, the way AutoML lets businesses upscale the AI is another important aspect to discover for AutoML learners, deployers, experts and professionals. In this article, we will highlight what is meant by democratizing AI …

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4 Ways Adaptive AI is Optimizing Data

Traditional AI solutions are built on models that learn how to handle data in a certain way for real-world applications. Models generally consist of a training channel for collecting and grouping data and a prediction channel that establishes patterns as it analyzes these data. However, these models are fixed or static, so they either become …

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Why do you need a Digital  Transformation?

Why do you need a Digital Transformation? Digitization has taken all businesses by storm. While the internet has taken the businesses globally, survival becomes even more difficult, unless you are sharp and act quick. Acting upon mere assumptions and past data calls for a major risk which companies do not want to take anymore. Businesses …

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