The Lifeline of Digitized Industries

Every business that adopts Information Technology and is data-intensive, will benefit from Information Lifecycle Management. Information, being the most valuable asset of businesses, managing it will benefit the business in multiple ways. Digitization of information and processing it will make better use of data offering valuable insights into the business operations and cash flow. Data …

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Information Life-cycle Management – An Overview

Information Life-cycle Management – An Overview Information has become the oxygen for businesses. Data-driven businesses are proving to be successful as their strategies are well-aligned to the market requirements. Businesses either know what their customers demand and provide them that or approach those customers who prefer their products and services, all because of the information …

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The outcomes of Digital Transformation

The outcome of Digital transformation The effectiveness of Digital Transformation is expected good. But had anyone expected this to happen within years of adopting a disruptive technology? Here’s what BBVA’s CFO announced in the 8th Financial Encounter, which was organized by Expansion and KPMG. As he says – “The bank has made substantial progress in …

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How to overcome the challenges and adopt the transformation?

How to overcome the challenges and adopt the transformation? The need for Digital Transformation is already well-established under the evolving digital trends ruling the global market. The obvious challenges faced by companies that make them hesitant to adopt digital transformation have also been discussed in detail. Despite the challenges, more businesses are adopting digitization much rapidly than expected. IDC forecasts that by 2019, …

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Why do you need a Digital  Transformation?

Why do you need a Digital Transformation? Digitization has taken all businesses by storm. While the internet has taken the businesses globally, survival becomes even more difficult, unless you are sharp and act quick. Acting upon mere assumptions and past data calls for a major risk which companies do not want to take anymore. Businesses …

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