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Pave the way for a successful digital transformation journey.

Digital Transformation of businesses tackles all aspects of the enterprise. This includes organizations’ products, services, engagement with employees, and customers, partner, managing and even the purpose and methods of business itself!

And data is the new catalyst for change; driving new business models, novel ways of working and a new world of communication & collaboration.

"When a snake sheds its skin, it changes;
when a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, it transforms."

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We are on a rentless mission to make a positive impact across the globe; offering innovative technology solutions while adding value to our clients, our employees and our shareholders.








360-Degree Customer View Using Big Data

May 16, 2019

Do you know that 360-degree customer view drives up your profits? Of course, it is valuable and important to know everything regarding your customer interactions with your rivals, and 360-degree customer view serves this purpose too. Forming a 360-degree view is taken as the holy grail of customer intelligence, and you can form it today. …

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Informatica World Tour Cairo 2019

May 15, 2019

We are honored to participate as a partner in Informatica Event Data-Driven Digital Transformation Round-table happening on 19th of May 2019 at The Nile Ritz-Carlton, Cairo, Egypt as a part of Informatica 2019 World Tour, where we invite you to explore all that Informatica and BBI have to offer – and unleash the power of data …

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Leverage the Digital Disruption for the Benefit of your Business.

BBI offers a wide range of proven, data-driven, industry-specific solutions to enable businesses gain insight from performance data helping them meet the increasing needs of demanding customers; today and tomorrow.


Rapidly emerging digital technologies are changing the entire telco landscape.


Banking experts confirmed the spotlight on data as the fuel for digital transformation.


Solutions to survive challenges like budget cutbacks and increased citizen expectations.

Be part of the next journey.

BBI cultivates a work environment that attracts, trains and retains the most skilled employees and professionals in today’s workplace.


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